• Walking Tours in Menorca

    Menorca has some of the most wonderful scenery that the earth has to offer; beautiful beaches, ancient monuments, and the Mediterranean Sea washing against the island’s coasts. While many of these great experiences lie close to cities, towns and roads, there are sights of unbelievable beauty waiting for those who want to venture off the beaten track.

    Pack your good walking shoes, plenty of water and sun cream, or even a picnic, because these four wonderful walking tours in Menorca make for the most rewarding adventures.


    Walk around Es Grau

    menorca seaside

    Our first walk isn’t a difficult one, the early portion can be enjoyed by the whole family – proud parents can even bring their pushchair!

    Stroll under the shade of trees; enjoy the wonderful lakes and walkways over marshy ground. The views are absolutely stunning, especially on a clear day. Menorca can’t be paralleled when it comes to gorgeous sights, sounds and smells.

    For those who have a little more of an adventurous spirit, the walk along the Cami de Cavalls can extend the walk and offers a challenging rocky path. The walk through the beautiful woodland and then back along the beach is only around a mile, and the short pleasant tour should take half an hour. Plenty of opportunities for photographs await, as well as the chance for a picnic with a view.


    Walk from Cala Galdana over to Cala Macarella

    Our second walking tour is a little longer than the last, and begins at the car park near the southern end of Cala Galdana. A rugged, well worn path near the bridge heads west, running parallel to the coastline.

    While the walk itself isn’t as visually inspiring as the last one, along the way are two of Menorca’s most un-touched beaches. Walkers who have time and energy to spare can even venture down to the sign-posted view points along the paths to the coastline.


    To Playa de Cavalleria on Menorca’s north coast


    This easy walk is full of sensational views over Menorca’s north coastline. Progressing in length from the previous walk, this route is around 1.5 miles and starts in the car park of the Cap de Cavalleria Road.

    After heading south along the road for half a mile, the walk heads north through the tranquil Menorcan countryside. Eventually it culminates in one of Menorca’s most wonderful natural beaches. The golden sand is set against low sandstone cliffs and is beautifully secluded. This is the perfect place to stop for a picnic, and soak up the scenery, before heading up the wooden steps at the southern end of the sands, and back up to the car park


    The purple route from Cala En Porter, up the barranc

    Our last walk, enjoyed at a leisurely pace, should take around 1.5 hours. Although it’s a great walk for the whole family, the main road back into Calan Porter has no pedestrian path at the side of the road, so keep your little ones safe.

    The walk begins in the resort centre, and starts by heading down the beach road. Turn right through the car park and right once again over the broken wall. The clear path takes you along the barranc, heading north, with the first part passing some enchanting-looking orchards and a small farm house. This colourful walk then leads onto a dirt road, past another farm house, and onto a tarmac road. This road eventually leaves the barranc and attaches onto the Mahon – Calan Porter road, heading back to the starting point.



    Walking along the coasts, beaches and countryside of the island are unforgettable journeys. There are plenty more to discover, and most of the tours can be shortened or lengthened at the behest of the walkers. There is nothing quite like spending a sunny afternoon with your family, taking in the Mediterranean air, and incredible sights. So don’t wait any longer, and take the first step towards enjoying one of these wonderful walks today!


    Image credits: marcpuig, and Mr.Groka